Be on the Lookout for the Latest Facebook Challenge

Here at Safety Fabrications we tend to take safety rather seriously – after all, we’re in the safety business.  We’re always on the lookout for safety tips and information to pass on to our readers in the construction industry so we keep a close eye on the news.  Some recent news reports have led us to believe that it’s time to talk about site security, a vital component of site safety.  It seems that one of the latest crazes to hit Facebook is the IKEA challenge which hit the headlines recently when the Telegraph published a warning to parents after an 11 year old schoolboy slept in an IKE

Retirement in the 21st Century – An Exciting New Start

A retired builder from Leeds has turned his hand to entrepreneurship and invented and patented a brand new method of joining roof battens which will not only make a roof quicker and easier to assemble than traditional methods, but will improve safety in construction.  Ken Johnson is 70 years old and spent most of his working life as a builder and developer in the construction industry.  However, after retiring from his construction businesses, Ken’s working life was far from over!  He decided to use his knowledge and experience to put some of his ideas into action and improve construction p

Don’t Fall Down on the Farm!

In our News Roundup article last week, we reported on a new Health and Safety Executive (HSE) initiative which will involve health and safety inspectors visiting farms across Britain over the next month to ensure that there are measures in place to prevent falls from height.  According to the HSE, falls are the second most common cause of death on UK farms, accounting for at least 8 fatalities each year.  It’s a well-known fact that raising awareness of falls from height has had a ben

The Size of the Prize Available to the UK Construction Industry

According to the government’s new Industrial Strategy which was published at the end of 2017, increasing productivity is a crucial factor in solving the number of challenges facing the UK as we inch ever closer towards Brexit.  We need to rebalance the economy (especially the North/South divide) to make sure that we can deliver the infrastructure we need for the 21st Century.  Leaders in the construction industry have already been battling a productivity problem and, despite the best efforts of our industry, productivity has been pretty much flat for the past two decades which ot

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

All of us in the UK construction industry have seen some fairly rapid changes over the past few years and we’re living on the brink of a technological revolution that is likely to fundamentally change the way we live, work and communicate.  The coming transformation will be like nothing humankind has ever experienced before and, as yet, we’re not even sure on how it will unfold.  However, insiders warn that our response will need to be comprehensive and integrated, involving all stakeholders from public and private sectors, to academia and civil society.

Safety Ladders News Roundup – January, 2018

We’ve reached the end of the first month of a brand new here in the UK’s construction sector and, as usual at the end of the month we’re taking a look back at all the times ladders and health and safety issues have hit the headlines over the past few weeks.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here, and if you come across any relevant news that you think should be featured, or if your business has news to share, please let us know by email or comment on our Facebook Page or

Clean Construction – Onsite Housekeeping and Why it Matters

Working on a construction site can be a risky business and paying attention to health and safety issues is an essential part of making sure that you stay safe whilst at work.  Here in the UK we have some of the strictest health and safety at work legislation in the world and in recent years there’s been a significant improvement in the accident at work statistics.  This means that we have some of the lowest accident figures on the planet and Britain is one of the safest places to work.  However, there are still accidents at work, especially on construction sites so there is still work to be

The Importance of Accident Investigations

Everybody who works in the construction industry must be aware of what an important issue health and safety in the workplace is.  We always seem to focus so determinedly on accident prevention which is understandable as accidents in the workplace can have such serious consequences.  There is the financial burden that will arise, the legal consequences and the humanitarian costs, all of which can have far reaching effects on both the injured party and the workplace and employer.  However, we seem to be so intent on preventing accidents that we often lose sight of what we can learn about fail