Storm Caroline, Severe Weather Bring added Risks for Construction Workers

We’ve seen some pretty severe weather here in the UK over the past couple of weeks with temperatures plummeting in the wake of Storm Caroline which brought deep snow to many parts of the country, leaving motorists stranded and the RAC warning us to think twice before travelling.  Anybody working outside in the construction industry will have faced the brunt of this bad weather and for those working at height, there are extra risks to look out for.

Prefab Sprout-ing?

We’re not sure if this is good news for the construction industry or not, but it’s an absolutely fascinating development so we couldn’t resist letting our readers know about it.  We’ve covered the topic of modular building several times in the past.  After all, it’s being hailed as a great way to help to address the current skills shortage and deliver the new homes that Britain so desperately needs.  What’s more, there are other benefits brought by modular buildings, one of which is dear to our hear

Insurance Matters for Subcontractors

When a contractor enters into subcontracts, the subcontractor will hold professional indemnity cover of a specified level.  The level may be dependent upon the portion of the work for which the subcontractor is responsible for.  However, the cover preferred by employers is usually of the “each and every claim” type.  In a bid to deliver it seems that the main contractors look for subcontractors who are able to offer work packages at a competitive rate whiles overlooking the employer’s requirement for insurance.  This can result in an employer being asked to waive the contractual requirement

Calling on the Construction Industry to Help Make T-levels a Success

Last week we brought you news of the T-level qualifications which were announced during last month’s Budget.  T-levels, as we explained are the new technical qualifications that were developed in order to simplify the process of vocational training in the UK and the Chancellor announced an extra £30 million of investments so that colleges can be prepared for their introduction.  Getting the T-levels off to a good start is going to present colleges in the UK with a huge challenge, especially when it comes to delivering the necessary training and education.

T-Levels – Coming Soon to a College Near You!

Last month’s Budget saw the announcement of an extra £20 million to be invested in helping colleges to prepare for the introduction of T-levels.  T-levels are the new technical qualifications that have been developed with the aim of simplifying the process of vocational training in England.  According to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, these types of technical qualifications has not always been viewed as being equal to academic qualifications and this needs to change.  The T-levels will enable 16 – 19 year olds to study in 15 sectors which will include construction.  They will replace the

The Industrial Strategy and the Benefits it Brings to the Construction Industry

Last month the government’s Business Secretary, Greg Clark, launched an ambitious Industrial Strategy setting out a long term vision for how the UK can built on its economic strengths, increase productivity performance, fully embrace technological change and boost the earnings power of the population.  The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) will invest a massive £725 million in ISCF programmes to harness the power of innovation in the future.  The Industrial Strategy aims to make the UK the world’s most innovative nation by the year 2030 and has committed to “Sector Deals” for constr

How to Use a Ladder Safely to put up your Christmas Lights

We’re into December now folks, and it’s time for our annual warnings about staying safe when decorating your home for Christmas.  We’ve all seen newspaper and online reports on the real Christmas aficionados – those who aim to have the best Christmas lights in their town or even in the whole of the UK.  It’s always great fun to drive around the neighbourhood in the dark so that the kids can marvel at the house with the most lights and decorations.  We’ve even wondered whether some of the homes can be seen from space! 

The Federation of Master Builders – What’s it all About?

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) is a UK trade association that was established back in 1941 to protect and promote the interests of small and medium sized building companies here in the UK.  It’s an independent, non-profit organisation the works to lobby for the interests of its members at national and local levels.  The FMB is the largest construction industry trade association in the UK with more than 8,000 SMEs on its membership list.