Interpreting Section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act

During the recent British Safety Council’s annual conference in the first week of October, the director of regulation at the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), David Snowball, the architect of the He4alth and Safety at Work Act (HSAW) would be “turning in his grave” if he could see the various ways in which Section 3 of the Act was being interpreted.  The comments were made during Mr. Snowball’s speech at the conference in which he discussed the changes to the regulatory landscape. 

Do Your Pre-Winter Roof Inspection Now

Homeowners are advised to check their roofs before the winter begins in earnest so that any problems can be taken care of before they have a negative impact on the inside of the house.   A sharp drop in temperature is likely to bring frost which can do all sorts of damage to your roof if it hasn’t been regularly maintained. 

Building a Lego Brick House

Last year we published a series of articles about one of the mainstays of the construction industry – the humble brick, without which the building trade wouldn’t exist.  The research we carried out to bring our reader all the fascinating information we could find about bricks was incredibly interesting and we keep coming across more fun facts about these commonplace building blocks.  One of the latest stories we’ve come across is about the new Lego House in the Danish town of Billund.

Winter’s on the Way to a Construction Site Near You – Are you Ready?

Once again, folks, winter is on its way – the weather lately has been positively autumnal and we all know it’s set to get a lot worse before it begins to get better, hopefully next spring.  This means that construction site owners and managers will need to plan ahead and prepare for the cold winter weather and the hazards that it typically brings.  In our usual timely fashion, we bring you some tips that you can use to help ensure the safety and comfort of your workforce during the wicked winter months here in the UK.

Cladding – The Legal Implications of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry

The tragedy at Grenfell Tower left the UK stunned with questions being asked about construction practices in both new builds and refurbishment projects here in the UK.  The construction industry is continuing to focus on cladding materials and their use in projects across Britain.  The renovation work being carried out at Grenfell Tower included the installation of new cladding and insulation.  The speed with which the fire took hold has raised questions about the materials used and whether they acted as a catalyst, allowing the fire to spread so quickly to all parts of the tower block.

All You Need to Know About the Change in Ladder Standards

As we told you in last week’s News Roundup, the Ladder Association has published an 8 page guide on the latest changes in ladder standards.  We promised that we’d publish a detailed article about it this week, so here we are.  The changes are designed to improve the safety of ladders and make it easier to buy the right ladder for the job.

The Business Benefits of Health and Safety

The British Safety Council (BSC) has re-affirmed the importance of creating an awareness of the benefits to business of good health and safety.   In a bid to demonstrate how a greater understanding of effective health and safety management can be good for business, the BSC has released a series of short videos.  The videos were produced with the assistance of experts from the European Agency on Safety and Health and Work (EU – OSHA) to supplement a written report that compiles research and evidence on the benefits to business.

Safety Ladders News Roundup – September, 2017

Ladders and ladder safety hit the headlines on a regular basis here in Britain so we offer our readers a regular news roundup blog for ladder related news stories.  Once a month, one of our blog posts deals with from the past month that deal with ladders of all types.  It would be interesting to know what you, the readers, think of the stories that feature here.  Please join in by adding your comments on our Facebook page, tweet to us on Twitter or drop us an

Don’t Miss UK Construction Week 2017

UK Construction Week 2017 brings together all the stakeholders in the field of built environment across all disciplines from design to build, through product innovation.  It’s the UK construction industry’s largest event for all players to come together to exhibit, examine, talk, plan, learn and do business.  We’ve already stressed just how important these industry events can be and the benefits of attending them.