Ascent™ Fall Protection Posts

We specialise in the manufacture of structural anchor posts or fall protection post as they are commonly called for use with cable based fall protection systems confirming to EN 795 Class C, rail based fall protection systems to EN 795 Class D and abseil access points to BS 7985:2002.

All our Structural Anchor posts are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and BS EN 1090-2:2008 and are CE Marked fabrications.

Fall protection postFall protection post

We manufacture structural anchor posts in both Mild and Stainless Steel.

fall protection post

We carry a large stock of Ascent™ standard structural anchor posts which are available off the shelf. Each of our Ascent™ standard structural fall protection post is backed by Engineers design calculations.

Our fall protection post are suitable for attachment to a wide range of structural backgrounds;

 - Reinforced concrete slab

 - Structural steelwork

 - Structural timber

We manufacture structural anchor posts designed to take both fall arrest and suspension loads (abseil). Our range of posts is designed to cope with the differing loads experienced at system ends, corners and intermediates.

Our fall protection post can be manufactured from either stainless steel or mild steel and can be paint powder coated to an agreed RAL colour, galvanised or both (dual coat).  This gives our fall protection post an aesthetically pleasing finish to match the roof / background to which they are fixed.

Weather proofing cowls: we are able to provide these cowls / caps if required for use with the structural anchor posts.

Structural anchor posts for other applications

Our expertise in the manufacture of structural anchor posts for fall protection systems has led us to be called upon to manufacture anchor posts for a whole range of applications, these include, but are not limited to;

 - Flag pole sockets

 - Walkway support posts

 - Cradle rail support posts

Abseil access points to BS 7985:2002, available in both mild and stainless steel.

Fall protection post

Please feel free to contact us regarding any fall protection post requirements you may have.