Ascent™ Step Units

Our aim has been to create the “flat pack step unit” in both Mild steel and aluminium. A step unit that is available off the shelf, which will meet all the challenges that you face when creating safe access across a roof top.

In doing so we have created a range of step unit that offer the on-site adjustment you have always wanted whilst giving the finished appearance and security of a bespoke product.
Step unit

Our freestanding rooftop Ascent™ step unit provide simple access solutions to complex access issues including how to get over troublesome ducting, pipe work, cable trays, gutters and parapet walls without compromising the health and safety of the worker in line with the Work at Height Regulations (2005). 

In developing our “flat pack system” we realised that you face a number of challenges when trying to create safe access across a rooftop;

  1. You have to clear the obstacle.
  2. Ideally you do not want to penetrate the roof
  3. You have to accommodate whatever roof pitch there may be.
  4. You have to accommodate differing roof levels and falls on either side of the obstruction.
  5. You have to get the whole lot to roof level as easily as possible
  6. You have to meet the requirements of BS 5395-3 1985 Code of Practice for the design of Industrial type stairs, permanent ladders and walkway.
  7. You have to meet the clients budget and program requirements.

For many years we manufactured bespoke step unit for our customers. Whilst at the same time we have watched the leading manufacturers of cable based fall protection systems produce a range products that can be universally affixed to the upper surface of roofs. We have seen the big players in the flat pack furniture market develop a range of furniture that can fit into any style of property from uber modern to country cottage.

We believe we can learn a lot from our Blue & Yellow Swedish friends.

To manufacture bespoke each time takes a lot of expertise both from you the customer and within our fabrication process. By putting our years of expertise to work we have removed the need for time consuming surveys, the production of one off drawings, the fabrication of bespoke components and the need to “engineer” the finished product to fit on site.

Step unit

Using the build your own section of our website we aim to provide you with the exact step unit to meet your requirements.

Our step unit range (available in both aluminium & mild steel)


Fixing Kits
We offer a range of fixing kits to allow you to position / affix the step unit to your specific roof type. We appreciate that in some instances the step unit may be crossing from one roof type to another so we sell the kits as singles.

Kit 1 – to flat roof ie. Bitumen, single ply membrane, asphalt, felt, slabs etc. Kit comprises; 2 No BigFoot 305 feet complete with adjustable legs.

Kit 2 – to aluminium standing seam roof (seams running parallel to the direction of the stair rise). Kit comprises; 2 No adjustable legs, 1 No aluminium spreader plate @ 1300mm, 3 No standing seam clamps, 6 No self drilling screws.

Kit 3  - to aluminium standing seam roof (seams running perpendicular or at an angle to the direction of the stair rise). Kit comprises; 2 No adjustable legs, 2 No aluminium spreader plate & 600mm, 4 No standing seam clamps, 8 No self drilling screws.

Kit 4 – to composite / built up on site metal profile roof sheet (crowns running parallel to the direction of the stair rise). Kit comprises, 2 No adjustable legs,  1 No aluminium spreader plate @ 1300mm, 6 No hi-bond adhesive pads, 6 No.self drilling screws