We manufacture walkways in aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and a combined metal / GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Solution.

The walkways can be supplied both with and without handrail and can be either fixed or freestanding.

Our walkways are typically manufactured in accordance with BS EN 5395:1985 and are specifically designed to comply with Health & Safety requirements.

Walkways are typically specified when the frequency of access is classed as frequent planned access or where access is required across a fragile surface or across a void – where a suspended walkway can be provided.

Freestanding Walkways

Plant platform

These are typically used on flat / low pitched roofs where the roof surface provides the support for the walkway. The feet of the walkway sitting direct onto the roof surface.

We have developed a range of walkway solutions where the feet supporting the walkway can be adjusted to accommodate a range of roof pitches and

Provide a non-penetrative walkway solution to flat and low pitched roofs

Walkway affixed to the fabric of the building

Walkways affixed to the fabric of the building in either a penetrative or non-penetrative way are generally used on medium to high pitched roof scenarios to create a safe means of crossing the roof top.

Fixed access ladders

The walkway can be either complete with handrail to protect the fall hazard or can be used in conjunction with a fall protection system.

CE marked fabrications

Suspended walkways

We have manufactured walkways for customers wanting to gain access to plant / machinery at high level. Typically within an industrial or manufacturing setting it is often not practical to drop supporting legs down to the floor and the only solution has been to suspend the walkway from the roof structure. Whilst walkways of this type are never “off the shelf” we will use our expertise to incorporate as many standard products into our designs – the bespoke coming in the interface brackets to the structure.

external access ladders

Whilst the product will be bespoke to your requirements you can rest assured that it will be manufactured under the strict quality controls as all our Ascent products; in accordance with BS EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and BS EN 1090-2:2008 and will be CE marked. Thus, allowing you to meet the requirements of the Construction Product Regulations. (CPR)